June-July 2013


Sharon White is a Dublin based artist working primarily in the medium of sculpture. Through the use of a variety of materials from used wood and scrap metal to found objects and fabric, White investigates the nature of metamorphosis, deterioration and regeneration. Her work often focuses on removing the familiar characteristics of an object or making them unmanageable; distorting the objects original meaning and imbuing them with a new significance. Materials are used to re-imagine our environment – from conventional items to organic forms – and question the language we use to describe something; while also examining the nature of our own human existence. Exhibitions include The World is not the Universe, solo exhibition at Plane/Site Galleries, Moxie Studios, Dublin and group exhibitions The City and the City, Art in Perpetuity Trust Gallery, Deptford Creek, Greenwich and None Went Mad None Ran Away, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

17-06-13 020
Colony 03/06/13
14-06-13 009
Colony 14/06/13
30-06-13 017
Colony 22/06/13
30-06-13 014
Colony 25/06/13


‘Life Buoy’, mixed media, variable dimensions, 2011

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