Performance:The Quiet Rebel Saturday 11 October 5.30 to 6.30

There is something about the way Buddleia occupies territories, cracking concrete, creating shelter for birds and nectar for butterflies that makes it the perfect rebel within our cities.

Artist Seoidín O’Sullivan hosts this performance with the main protagonist being a whistle she had musician Ed Devane fashion from a Buddleia branch that was cleared from the site of Art Lot.

Nick Roth, Buddleia recorder and Keith Lindsay live electronics

Saturday 11 October 5.30 to 6.30



JUNE 2014:

Whistle made from buddleia branch collected on site of Art Lot.


(Thanks to Ed Devane for crafting this for me)

Final closing intervention/event  to be announced soon


JUNE 2013:

Seoidín O’Sullivan has completed her 2 month residency on the site of Art Lot – Dublin. Her response is ‘SITE WORK’. She is going to be using a nomadic green house tent to intermittently work in site over a year seasonal cycle. Seoidín will visit the site with her green house tent to record and have conversations on site. An ecological and socio-political response will be built over time. She has also linked her research to the international The Wasteland Twinning Project:

Wasteland Twinning is led by independent artists and researchers, that offers the potential for cultural comparison to take place on a local and international scale – going beyond the obvious to examine tent at duskoften invisible perspectives on power relations, land use, urban development and ecology. Through engaged and critical approaches, we hope to uncover some of the peculiarities and commonalities of the wasteland sites.’

Seoidín O’Sullivan is an artist and educator based in Dublin.  Seoidín is interested in critical forms of pedagogy and her art practice investigates socio-political and ecological narratives which she re-presents in critically engaged and poetic ways through a variety of media.  Her recent practice has focused on land issues through an ecological lens.  She has exhibited both in Ireland and abroad. Recent project include a residency at Studio 468 and an event The Producers  2013 inspired by the community garden she initiated 7 years ago, Field Work a recent commission with Red Stables Artist Studio’s 2012, Loose Structures with The Drawing Project 2012, The Nomadic Mapping Project with Traveller Women for CREATE Ireland, 2009-2012. And TRESPASS at The LAB, 2009.  Seoidín has received numerous artist awards and commissions, including 2012 Dun Laoghaire Arts Council Artist Bursary Award, The Arts Council Artist Bursary Award 2010, Artist Studio Residency TBGS 2010, Artist in Community Scheme entitled The Nomadic Mapping Project 2010, Arts Council Project New Work Award for TACTIC 2008-2009, Artist research Residency Airfield Trust and Arts Council New Work Award for Trespass 2007.


1. Gordon Matta Clarke: ‘Fake Estates’

Fake Estates was a project engaged with the issue of land ownership and the myth of the American dream – that everyone could become “landed gentry” by owning property. Matta-Clark “buys” into this dream by purchasing 15 leftover and unwanted properties in Manhattan for $25–$75 a plot. Ironically, these “estates” were unusable or inaccessible for development, and so his ability to capitalize on the land, and thus his ownership of them, existed virtually only on paper.

gordon-matta-clark-3_jpg_570x570_q85 gpc_work_large_14

Alan Sonfist Map: New York City Parks 1980




Stills from Site visits (2012)

DSC_0215DSC_0365DSC_0283 DSC_020546246_10151266389001742_2008388074_n

First Intervention: Plants Collected from Site (2012)  pre Clearing  by Seoidín

DSC_0333DSC_0334 DSC_0338 DSC_0343

Plant Pressings (2012)


DSC_0393 DSC_0395

Second intervention: Collection of ‘Buddleiia Flag Poles’, June 2013:


photo-12 photo-11photo-13




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