August-October 14th 2013

An exhumation of the Wreck of Hope (No man is an island)

The title is a reference to the work, The Wreck of Hope/The Sea of ice (1824), by the Romantic painter, Casper David Friedrich. It also refers to the poem No Man is an Island (1624) by John Donne.

This project delineates the site of a between space, a nowhere architecture, held in transition, simultaneously rising and collapsing, a mutable interstice subject to forces of compression and resistance which cause planes to shear and rise up or crumble and sink.

It is the site of an urban excavation exposing stratified memory embedded in its environs and longing to be re-defined as temporal process rather than linearity. This is the site of a potential realignment or re-reading of the relation between figure and ground through a reworking of space and architecture as a dynamic force, avoiding predetermined structures and undermining territorialisation.

This is not a plea for an idealistic return to some better place or time, nor is it a place or time somewhere out there or in the future. Rather, it is a realistic recognition of the physical limitations of a human who is subject to structures and forces, both man-made and natural, and of the lessons gleaned from successes and failures while working within such confinements.

It is a diagram mapping multiple routes devoid of specific destinations, but instead marks a launching towards the broader possibilities of experience.

Wreck of Hope JC Art Lot RGB copy

All images below are taken from the internet (unless otherwise stated) solely for the purpose of research.



About Icefall - A section of the Icefallurlurl-56Geology%20photo

‘Working Backwards (Mountain from a Molehill)’, household emulsion paint, whiting and skim coat plaster, canvas, internal ceiling tiles, wood, variable dimensions, 2011

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