DSCF1408‘Experiments in Light’ series will see Art Lot Dublin play host to a number of installations and interactive performances by artists who make us of light and technology. The series was launched on Saturday December 6th with the ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ an immersive installation by The GlowDepot. The GlowDepot are a Dublin based Art collective creating interactive LED Light installations & performances. Their work was featured at this year’s Body&Soul Festival, LIFE Festival, The Electric Picnic and most recently at Samhain Festival.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching by Tara Whelan
Dance Like Nobody’s Watching by Tara Whelan

Currently on show at Art Lot Dublin is Dance Like Nobody’s Watching an interactive and immersive installation by Tara Whelan. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is a black box that can hold several different states. On a bright day it’s a mirrored monolith. On a dark night it’s transparent with confusing internal dimensions. Exposed to music, it pulses with coloured light. From the inside it’s an infinite mirrored room, with no one but you. From the outside you’re a voyeur, peeking at someone having a private moment. It’s only when you observe the box in all these states can you understand what it really is – a single serving, portable, hyperspace disco!

Now, go dance like nobody’s watching.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching was open for the public to interact with on Saturday January 24th 2015











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