July – August 2014

Alex Sheridan ‘Youth Culture‘
Curated by John Kenny as part of the PhotoIreland Festival July 2014 

Installation of Alex Sheridan 'Youth culture' at Art Lot Dublin June 2104
Installation of Alex Sheridan ‘Youth culture’ at Art Lot Dublin June 2104

From Tuesday July 1st, the outdoor exhibition space Art Lot Dublin will be exhibiting ‘Youth Culture’ by Alex Sheridan. Photographer Alex Sheridan’s work documents a part of Irish youth culture which emanates from the world of skateboarding. Presented as part of the PhotoIreland Festival, Youth Culture will exhibit Sheridan’s images scaled to the size of billboard advertisements and installed around the hoarding of this unique outdoor exhibition space situated on the Junction of Harcourt Road and Richmond Terrace, Dublin 2.

There is an innate sense of rebelliousness and irreverence illustrated in the documentation of the activities of both Sheridan‘s friends and fellow enthusiasts. The iconic signature work ‘Sphere within a Sphere’ in Trinity College by Italian Sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro whose work can be viewed everywhere from the Vatican to the Hirshhorn Museum, becomes just another object to stand on.


The city’s trophy from the Celtic Tiger years the Samuel Beckett Bridge by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava is just another ramp to be skated upon. It has been said that pronouncements such as ‘the problem with the young people today‘, are often statements used to scapegoat or mask larger social concerns. Sheridan’s work unwittingly captures many of the nation’s current anxieties, empty car parks, derelict shop fronts, the vacant Anglo Irish Bank headquarters on the Quays, this is as much a documentation of our city in this moment in time, as it is of the youth who occupy it.

For his exhibition as part of the PhotoIreland Festival Sheridan’s installation takes the form of black and white images printed bill board size and may be viewed as echoing the photocopied punk fanzines of the 1980’s pointing toward an ongoing tradition of DIY-aesthetics originating from youth subcultures, while at the same time reinforcing notions of irreverence, graffiti, and the skateboarding attitude of occupying and subverting public space.

Alex Sheridan 'Youth Culture' at Art Lot Dublin, July 2014
Alex Sheridan ‘Youth Culture’ at Art Lot Dublin, July 2014



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